About the SOFTREE
SOFTREE is an ice cream brand launched in 2013 in seoul first, and we are going to increase in all countries around the world for people in the world to enjoy Softree ice cream. Be with us as business partner and collaboration are welcome at any time. Thank you.

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Mother’s recipe

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The mother’s recipe

“Mommy, please making delicious”
mom weaing an apron and making a delicious snack,
is a cook my own! and one recipe note containing the taste of the mother’s cook. thanks mom.
Memory of mom-made snack. Record on a notebook and an apron.
project presents you the time of ‘memory’ and ‘record’
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“엄마, 맛있는 거 해주세요.” 하면 앞치마를 두르고 맛있는 간식을 뚝딱 해주셨던 우리 엄마는 나만의 요리사!
지금 내가 요리하는 엄마의 레시피. 고마워요 엄마.
엄마가 만들어준 간식에 대한 기억.
앞치마와 한 권의 노트에 기록.
엄마의 레시피 프로젝트는 그 ‘기억’과 ‘기록’의 시간을 선물합니다.

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